Here at the DAV we offer many services to our veterans. Chapter Service Officers are here to assist your with your VA claim every day of the week from 10am to 4pm (except federal holidays).

We can assist with:

  • Veterans/dependents in applying for available federal benefits from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office.
  • Assist veterans/dependents in appealing denied claims to the local VA Regional Office(VARO), the local Decision Review Officers, or the Board of Veterans Appeals in Washington D.C.
  • Assist veterans in obtaining necessary inpatient and outpatient care from the VA Medical Centers(VAMCs) and Community Based Outreach Clinics(CBOCS)

Plus there is much more we can help you with. Please fill out our convenient form and we will contact you.

Or you can just call and ask for help at (910) 455-3400 or by email at

When you come to visit us please bring the following with you if you have them:

  • DD 214
  • Medical Records
  • Any extra documentation to support the claim
  • Form of Identification